Occlusion and orthodontics in every-day dentistry

Saturday, October 19, 2019 10:00 - 10:45


  • To understand the affect of continued tooth movement 
  • To highlight the planning protocols of simple occlusion- driven anterior orthodontic alignment
  • To consider the protection of guidance and the long term function via planning and retention methodology.
  • To outline the use of edge bonding as a viable non invasive aesthetic and functional tool for cosmetic dentistry and occlusal treatment via the Dahl principle.
  • To understand how align bleach and bond can totally change the way we approach all cases not just cosmetic ones.
  • Participants will understand how case planning and appropriate treatment can help all dentists carry out simple anterior treatments that not only have aesthetic but clear and long term functional benefits
  • Be able to communicate with their patients with longer term functional thinking in mind
  • To understand how ortho and occlusion are intricately linked

Tif Qureshi, IAS Academy Chairman, IAS Academy