Silver diamine fluoride

Friday, October 18, 2019 15:45 - 16:30

This lecture will describe evidence based research showing how SDF and KI application prior to GIC placement significantly improves both the bactericidal and remineralizing properties of the combined materials.

·        The parameters of caries removal and cavity preparation based upon pharmacological caries management using GIC and SDF/KI with GIC will be discussed.

·        The importance of caries preparation prior to SDF and KI application and the sequence of SDF and KI placement  that will maximize caries penetration, improve the bond strength of GIC to normal and carious dentine and prevent the staining associated with SDF will be demonstrated.

·        Pharmacologically based procedures will be shown that minimizes tooth preparation and offer clinicians restorative procedures that improve both efficiency and predictability

·        The clinical techniques described will be supported by a number of cases that show dramatic increases in the radiopacity of caries on dental X-rays, caries remineralization and prevention of the staining associated with SDF.


·        Delegates will gain a better understanding of the caries arresting properties of GIC’s including the clinical applications and limitations of this material.

·        They will discover the benefits of combining GIC’s with SDF and KI to pharmacologically manage caries by killing bacteria and remineralizing carious dentine so that minimal caries removal is required

·        They will learn a range of simplified clinical procedures that takes advantage of minimal tooth preparation to improve both the efficiency and predictability of restorative dentistry.

Dr Geoff Knight, General Dentist