Driven by innovation

Innovation has long been a theme of BDIA Dental Showcase, since the event’s inception exhibitors have used the event as a launchpad for the dental industry’s latest innovations. Following on from the success at last year’s show, this year sees a return of the BDIA Dental Showcase Innovation Theatre.

The Innovation Theatre will be open throughout the entire duration of Showcase and features a full programme of presentations, here is a snapshot of some of the highlights.

The business mindset – Modern day effective communication strategies - Abdul Osman

Throughout dental training there is little emphasis placed on the importance of good communication between the dentist and the team. But communication is a complex skill that requires training, especially in the modern-day dental practice. Communication can be verbal or non verbal and in order to correlate the appropriate messages to staff and patients dentists must merge psychology with various types of communication skills.

The presentation will:

  • Review the most effective tools for better business communication.
  • Assess the skills needed for nonverbal communication and outline its importance in the dental setting.
  • Highlight the verbal skills required to improve communication amongst leaders of a dental team and between leaders and their team members
  • Review Mindfulness and its effectiveness in the medical/dental field

Exploring how newly qualified dentists perceive certain legal and ethical issues in view of the GDC standards and how they feel it influences their daily practice - Bindiya Thakrar and Hoda Wassif

The session will be to discuss how the GDC guidance and the set standards for the dental team are perceived and understood by newly qualified dental practitioners and how the guidance and the standards influence clinicians’ decision making. The session will focus on:

  • Law, ethics and the newly qualified dentist, specifically undergraduate training, post-graduate requirements, a discussion on whether ethics can be taught and complaints amongst newly qualified dentists.
  • The GDC and the ‘Standards for the Dental Team’ Document, specifically their background, the Standards for the Dental Team document and the GDC in comparison to the GMC.

The clinical and non-clinical impact of regulation as identified in existing literature as well as the findings of this research project.

The aim is to raise awareness of the ways in which perceptions of the regulator and their regulations can affect clinicians and patients alike, the possible reasons, and to discuss the future implications of this. The session will be designed to inspire innovative solutions such as tackling the format of the law and ethics curriculum at both undergraduate and CPD level and improving the reputation and perception of the GDC and their regulatory requirements.

By the end of the session, the participants should have a better understanding of the GDC standards and how the legal and ethical issues outlined in them can have an impact on patients and clinicians alike.

To treat or not to treat – who decides? - Daakshini Patel

Informed consent forms the fundamental backbone of all healthcare provision. Every adult with capacity has the right to make decisions about their own treatment.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 provides the legal framework in England and Wales, for people aged 16 and over who may lack competence. Whilst it provides a definition for mental incapacity, capacity is often time specific and must be assumed until proven otherwise. Thus, the legal responsibility of assessment and the ultimate decision lies with the clinician. Following the code of practice, outlined by the MCA, offers the clinician legal protection, making it imperative for them to be aware of and to be able to apply it. For children under the age of 16, determining competence remains challenging and is governed by the Children Act 1989.

This session will define mental capacity and the causes of incapacity. Daakshini will discuss how to apply to manage best interest decisions in patients who lack capacity, and outline individuals with the right to make decisions on their behalf. At the end of the presentation delegates will understand the legal definition of capacity, and the different causes of incapacity; understand the purpose of the Mental Capacity Act, the Code of Practice and its five core principles; and be able to confidently apply the two-stage test of capacity.

Update on HMRC’s dental associate tax status enquiry - Tom Slevin

Delegates will be updated on where HMRC are up to with its enquiry. They will then be introduced to the HMRC employment status tool and shown different questions and how the answers to these questions affect the employment tools judgement. Tom will then explore different ways in which associate dentists can ensure that they meet the tools criteria for self-employment.

The aim of the presentation is to give the delegates the latest update on HMRC’s status enquiry, show them the HMRC employment status tool and what dental associates and dental practices can do to strengthen the argument that associate dentists are self-employed.

At the end of the session delegates will be more aware of the enquiry, what they should do if they receive a letter from HMRC and will be able to discuss changes in their contract/working patterns to further strengthen the selfemployed status of their profession.

From MDD to MDR: What it will mean for the dental team - James Green

This presentation will examine the history of medical device regulation in the UK and the current legal obligations of dental professionals who commission and/or manufacture custom-made medical devices (dental appliances) under the Medical Devices Directive (MDD).

Delegates will gain an understanding of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which entered into force on 25 May 2017 and will repeal the MDD following a three-year transitional period and understand the current legal obligations of dental professionals who commission and/or manufacture custom-made medical devices.

The 7 big mistakes dentists unwittingly make; exposing them to expensive lawsuits - Leonard Maguire

The aim of this presentation is to equip the general dental practitioner with the skills necessary to minimise risk and optimise opportunity, through personal and professional growth in practice.

Throughout the session Leonard will explain how to reduce stress with valid, informed consent and detail the advantages of good record keeping. He will cover the importance of patient communication and explore ways to align patient expectations predictably.

The session will equip the practitioner with the skills required to consistently optimise patient care, feel valued as a dentist and eliminate burnout and overwhelm.

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