Ergonomics in dental care - solutions to prevent and relief physical stress

13:30 - 14:00

In dental care the sitting position is the greatest health risk, because during long operations the position is forced and involves a lot of repetitive movements. As the basis of our posture while sitting is pelvis, the position of it matters. Gaining an optimal posture requires a chair that allows the posture to be comfortable and natural. Saddle stools have been scientifically proven to override all the other ergonomic solutions, and saddle stools with a gap in the middle enable top ergonomics without unfavourable pressure on the sensitive areas of the body.

  • Why it is said that sitting kills
  • Where do the work-related musculoskeletal problems come from
  • Surprising thing about what symptoms and diseases are caused by sitting
  • How to prevent and relieve work related physical problems
  • Attendees will experience the difference of health sitting in their body