Challenges and outlook for the rapidly evolving dental market

13:30 - 14:15

A 360-degree view of the dental landscape, starting with the impact of BREXIT and workforce challenges, regional trends in relation to NHS contract performance, the influencers of value, who’s selling and who’s buying. This will be a tour de force and include key highlights from our recent research on the ‘dental shortage’ issue.

To better understand this issue, we investigated the supply of dentists in the UK. Providing an overview of the dental workforce and key trends over recent years, like university applications and the sector's dependence on dentists from abroad. Using data from practices across England and Wales, we were able to determine how associate wage rates vary by region. In addition, we also consider how the supply of dentists is influenced by fundamental factors such as urbanicity and house prices.

The findings are evidence-based and use quantitative data from a range of sources including the General Dental Council and NHS Digital together with our commercial insights of the dental sector to provide a unique perspective on the notorious 'shortage' issue.