Effective treatment planning - putting the patient first

14:30 - 15:00

Ian Mills, dean, FGDP (UK)

Involving patients in decisions about their care is a fundamental aspect of delivering safe and effective care. Patients are increasingly well informed about treatment options, which can greatly influence their expectations. The dental professional needs to involve the patient in decisions about their care in order that they are able to make an informed decision, but there are many other benefits to this approach. Shared decision making empowers the patient and promotes shared responsibility which is critical in terms of clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. This session will explore these issues and suggest how dentists might implement these in practice.

Why patient involvement is important in providing effective treatment planning.
How the concept of shared–decision making is relevant to dentistry and how this can be applied in general dental practice.
How a person-centred approach can lead to improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.
What the benefits to the clinician are, in delivering person-centred care.