Miglionico is an Italian company specializing in the manufacturing of dental units, all of which are 100% Italian made. The added vaue of Miglionico is that all the stages of production are carried out at the factory, from the careful selection of the raw materials to the final quality control. The high quality standards of the products can be attested to the fact that our units are sold and appreciated in over 40 countries worldwide all within a relatively brief period. All of this, thanks to the excellent materials used, the Italian design and some technological characteristics which render our units unique in the market. Certain of our products, we are constantly on the look out for new dealers and distributors in the markets which are still left uncovered. With our professional and competent staff ready to assist your every need in guaranteeing the most reliable and caring technical and after sales service.

Stand number: P30
Telephone: +39 080 759552