In 1978, Kuraray introduced the first bonding system to the market: CLEARFIL™ BOND SYSTEM F, the start of the age of adhesive dentistry. At the same time, the company developed the ‘total-etch technique’ for enamel and dentin. Today Kuraray brings you the trusted brand – Panavia. Panavia SA Cement Plus is the EVERYDAY Panavia – bringing you convenience and value. This self-adhesive resin cement has a wide indication range and room temperature storage. Panavia V5- the newest Panavia will be launched at Showcase this year. This self-etching primer/resin cement is suitable for all indications and the strongest cement Kuraray has ever developed! Kuraray have also launched TEETHMATE DESENSITIZER - a real solution for sensitivity. Use it to close exposed or prepared dentin. Directly treat your patients’ teeth before and after bleaching or use it in combination with your favourite adhesive or cement. Visit stand F165 for more information.

Stand number: I52