Updated IRMER regulations – An opportunity to refocus oral surgery, radiology and referral pathways

Saturday, October 19, 2019 14:15 - 15:00


  • To provide an Insight into the revised IRMER regulations and its implications on dental practitioners
  • To encourage information sharing and digital transfer of radiographs between different care settings where possible
  • To allow practitioners to see the broader implications of poor quality radiographs when received as part of a referral to a secondary care setting

  • To understand the implications of the revised IRMER regulations on both primary and secondary care providers
  • Be familiar with the written consent process prior to undertaking radiation exposures
  • Appreciate the formats of radiographs that are more appropriate for diagnosing pathology e.g. radiographic film, CD or printed on photographic paper
  • Appreciate the importance of digital transfer of radiographic images where possible between care settings  to preserve diagnostic accuracy

Kuljit Kaur BDS MFDS (Glas), Dental Core Trainee, Newcastle Dental Hospital