Managing dental patients in a changing UK population with reference to treatment planning in practice

Friday, October 18, 2019 15:30 - 16:15


The session will look at the changing population of the UK and the medical and social changes these patients may present us with as they keep their teeth into old age. We will also look at how we can manage these patients and their ever-changing dental needs and how we may have to adapt products, and our surgeries to accommodate them.

It will discuss how to get your patients to clean effectively and for them to WANT to brush and clean interdentally on a regular basis. Participants will have the tools to be able to explain to a patient the progression of periodontal disease and how it may manifest in the future.

We will also look at treatment planning in order to be able to treat periodontal disease in general practice, both in an NHS environment and in the private sector.

The Treatment Planning section will follow up-to-date BSP guidelines on how to treat periodontal disease.


  • Identify with different aspects of the UK population and their changing medical and dental needs.
  • Explain to a patient what is happening in their mouth in simple terms.
  • Be able to treatment plan any periodontal care according to best practice here in the UK.
  • Adapt their everyday practice surroundings to be able to accommodate these patients in a general practice situation for as long as possible.

Julie Rosse, Dental Hygienist, Wisdom Toothbrushes Ltd