This information comes direct from the ExCeL website. If you would like to know anything specific or require assistance with your visit, please contact us or visit the ExCeL London website for the latest information. 

ExCeL London is able to provide wheelchairs to those in need, free of charge. Wheelchairs can be hired from both ends of the venue - please speak to one of ExCeL's security concierges for assistance. Please note that unfortunately the ExCeL are unable to offer pre-booking for these chairs which will be available on a first come, first serve basis. A form of ID (such as a driving licence or a passport) is required upon hire as a security measure.

Mobility scooters are free of charge to hire. They are subject to availability so please email your enquiry to We will confirm if there is one available for you to borrow. All you need is a form of ID which will be held as surety for the daily period of the loan.
There are 155 bays suitable for disabled drivers on-site across ExCeL's car parks. These are wide bays with minimum dimensions of 5.9m by 3.6m. Access to the building from these bays is along walkways with a gradient of no more than 1:15 and via flat entrance lifts with automatic doors.
All public entrances allow for access by wheelchair via low gradient ramps and an automatic door. Once inside the venue, all floors are level, offering unobstructed access.

Door vision panels giving a zone of visibility between 900mm and 500mm above floor level are provided on all public access doors.
Lift control panels are located at a height which can be easily reached by someone in a wheelchair. There are Braille and tactile buttons. All lifts have a visual and voice indication of the floor reached and an intercom facility activated by an alarm button. All stairs and ramps are fitted with handrails and balustrades. All public corridors and passageways have a minimum clear width of 1200mm.
Self-service equipment such as cash point machines and telephones are located at levels suitable to wheelchair users.
Strong tactile differences in paving are provided to indicate hazardous areas, e.g. dock edge indicated by cobble stone surface. Non-slip flooring has been used throughout the building.
There are 40 toilets for disabled visitors located throughout the building. You’ll find them near the Business Centre, the break-out rooms, the conference suites on Level 3 and the restaurants and cafes on Level 0 and Level 2.
Visitors with hearing and sight disabilities can find information about the event they wish to visit by using the prominent visual displays that are situated inside the Central Boulevard.

Provision has been made for non-visual indication of stair locations for those with impaired vision. 

ExCeL London customer service staff have completed visual awareness training, and are able to provide practical guidance to blind and visually impaired visitors.
ExCeL London has worked with Changing Places to create an accessible changing facility which is located close to the east entrance near the Prince Regent DLR station.

The room is locked but the key can be picked up from the security concierge at each entrance of the venue.
ExCeL welcomes all guide and assistance dogs. Guide dog and assistance dog owners have important rights under the Equality Act 2010 meaning assistance dogs are entitled to enter establishments where the general public are admitted. No other dogs or pets are permitted in the venue.