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Oral-B has demonstrated their ‘Genius’ power toothbrush, which shows users where they’ve brushed and where they’ve missed! Oral-B’s ‘Test Drive’ trial programme will also be available, allowing both professionals and patients to hygienically experience an Oral-B power toothbrush before buying one. The Oral-B team explained how their Pro-Expert toothpaste promotes gum health through effective plaque control - it’s the inclusion of stabilised stannous fluoride (SnF2) that makes the difference!

Innovation on show

Oral-B has never been one to sit on its laurels. Having a good product is not enough, and Oral-B is constantly striving for ways to improve the efficacy of its products or increase patient compliance. The chances are you’ve already got an Oral-B power brush, but which model is it? Whilst the one you have might be working just fine, technology has evolved a lot in the last few years. Dental Showcase is all about innovation and Oral-B encourages you to come and see what’s new in oral hygiene.

Power to the people

Many practitioners will be aware of the buzz surrounding the launch of Oral-B’s Genius power toothbrush but may not have had the opportunity to try it for themselves. Oral-B is inviting delegates to the stand so that they can see what all the excitement is about. Patients will have no excuse to neglect areas of their mouth because the Oral-B Genius will show them where they’ve brushed and, more importantly, where they’ve missed! Moreover, it will indicate if they’re brushing too vigorously and whether they’re brushing for long enough. A patient’s brushing technique will almost certainly be improved – resulting in better oral health. It’s like Big Brother supervising their brushing!

Paste and power… A winning combo

The mechanical benefit of Oral-B’s power toothbrushes is complemented perfectly by the chemical efficacy of Oral-B’s Pro-Expert toothpaste. Gum health through effective plaque control is just one of the many beneficial features of Oral-B’s Pro-Expert toothpaste and it’s the inclusion of stabilised stannous fluoride (SnF2) that makes the difference. This powerful ingredient gives Oral- B’s Pro-Expert toothpaste a long lasting antimicrobial action, which fights plaque and, consequently, gum problems. Laboratory and clinical studies have confirmed that the inclusion of stabilised stannous fluoride will inhibit antimicrobial growth as well as reducing the ability of bacteria to ‘stick’ to tooth and gum surfaces.

A new addition to the family

Oral-B will be revealing an exciting new addition to its toothpaste portfolio this year. If patients are motivated enough to clean their teeth for two minutes, twice a day, they’re going to want to be rewarded with good oral health, particularly good gingival health. This innovation promises to do just that and to work in synergy with other products within the range.

Seeing is believing

As consumers, we can all be reluctant to embrace new technology unless we’ve experienced it and can see for ourselves the benefits afforded by its use. Oral-B will be launching a patient evaluation programme for their new toothpaste. This is a unique opportunity from Oral-B to enable clinicians to see for themselves how this innovative product can improve patients’ gum health. Simply select three patients, give each of them the complimentary three tubes of toothpaste and then complete a simple tick-box evaluation form at the end of the three-month period. Ten tubes of toothpaste are included in each pack (so there’s one for you to try too!). Moreover, continuing the theme of prevention, Oral-B will donate £5 per feedback form to HPV Action for the first 5,000 forms received by the end of October. HPV Action is a charity dedicated to reducing the health burden of HPV.

Samples, seminars and so much more

Visitors to Showcase are also encouraged to log onto Oral-B’s professional website, All in one place, they can keep up to date with the very latest UK industry news and events (including Oral-B’s popular Up-To-Date seminars) as well as order samples for both professional and patient use.