Saving Tax, Making More Profits, Increasing Goodwill – The Way to Dental Heaven!

Saturday 21st October - 12:45 - 13:15

Alan Suggett, partner, NASDAL

Sponsored by NASDAL

Most dentists want to pay less tax without involving a lot of risk.
Alan will highlight sensible, but sometimes little known, ways to do this.

Increasing profits is an aim for most practice owners – but it is usually a challenge.
Alan will outline some simple principles to consider.

During this session attendees will learn:
  • Sensible tax saving ideas
  • Profit improvement ideas generally
  • The 4 ways to grow a practice
  • Profit improvement by using Benchmarking
  • The impact of Profit improvement on the value of a practice

‘Leading NASDAL dental accountant Alan Suggett aims to tick every box for current and aspiring practice owners.
Paying less tax, improving profits and practice goodwill values – what more can you want?’

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