Revolutionising preventative dentistry with CALCIVIS

Thursday 19th October - 15:00 - 15:30

Bruce Vernon, co-founder, CALCIVIS

Sponsored by CALCIVIS

World first at Dental Showcase!

This fast moving session introduces the revolutionary new CALCIVIS imaging system and explains how clinicians using it are able to visually asses active enamel demineralisation chair side early enough to change behaviour and treat topically.

The concept originator, system developer and a clinical investigator present a unique insight into how CALCIVIS developed the world first dental biologic (CALCIVIS photoprotein) and how you can utilise this now to help improve patient engagement and commitment.

During this session attendees will learn:
  • A new technique to assess enamel demineralisation
  • How to differentiate active from inactive enamel lesions using the CALCIVIS imaging system
  • Insight to help risk assess sentinel teeth
  • The CALCIVIS clinical evidence base and study program
  • Ways to organise practice to benefit from the new CALCIVIS imaging system

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